Salt Genie ®

A new innovation from Kitchen Concepts International, Salt Genie® is the first of a family of innovative products each created to offer good design, functionality as well as delivering healthy benefits for use in and outside the home. Salt Genie® shaker dispenses salt evenly but not excessively so you do not over season your food, offering a healthy option. Designed for ease of use and easy to clean, it will appeal to all ages.

Dispensing salt can be frustrating. Easily seasoning your food is part of the eating experience. How many times have you been to a restaurant, hotel or to friends' houses for dinner only for the salt cellar to be clogged up? Some people add rice to the cellar to soak up water, but this only a temporary solution at best. Now there is a simple solution, the Salt Genie.

Whilst this problem is worse in continents with humid climates such as Asia, America and Africa, the Salt Genie is the ideal replacement for your dinner table wherever you are.

Non-humid climates are still affected. Kitchens, restaurants, seaside resorts all suffer from excess humidity around the dining area. Whether you are at home, on a yacht, camping, the Salt Genie is the ideal salt dispensing unit.

Richard Hogg the inventor of Salt Genie recently appeared on Dragons Den, it was part of the Autumn 2013 split series. Budding entrepreneur Richard Hogg had his three minutes of fame, pitching his unique and innovative invention ‘Salt Genie®’ to the five multi-millionaire panellists of BBC2’s current series of Dragons’ Den. The panel which included long term judges Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones, with new investor Kelly Hoppen, gave encouraging and favourable feedback to Salt Genie which is set to stir up the salt shaker market. Positive comments were forthcoming regarding the design and packaging with the Dragons also appreciating the product’s unique selling features. Inventor and designer Hogg, commented that the opportunity to pitch to the Dragons was a unique experience and that he felt proud to be invited onto the programme. Watch this space to hear the results and be a part of Salt Genie’s progress!

The Benefits

See Salt Genie in action


Dispenses evenly but not excessively

Eliminates clogging

Eliminates clogging in damp or humid conditions,
The ideal accessory to take Camping, Boating or when abroad


Closed to the elements, reduces ability for dirt to contaminate the salt


With no hands or fingers coming into contact with the dispensing surface, the unit and salt

Easy to fill and refill

Just unscrew and refill

Easy to Clean

External surfaces can be wiped without affecting salt, internal surfaces can be easily cleaned.



How It Works

The Salt Genie has been engineered never to clog by protecting salt from moisture. With its protective shell and inverted salt shoot, moisture never reaches the salt inside. This means the salt always stays 100% dry and the shaker never becomes clogged.

Perfect for camping, caravanning, motor-homes, boats, beach huts, or any damp or humid environment. The Salt Genie means you can season your food whatever the environment. Since the Salt Genie is a salt cellar that has been designed to work in the toughest of environments it is also suitable for the kitchen. With it's innovative Dri-Shoot design, moisture never reaches the salt inside. So even if the worktops are damp or the kitchen is humid the Salt Genie salt shaker, never stops shaking!


The retail product has been designed and packaged with the daily user in mind. Pleasing on the eye, and packaged to match this can be bought by the end user or given as a gift to friends and family.

We are able to package the Salt Genie up in a number of current colours ensuring the product stands out, whilst the main body of the unit is clear food grade plastic we are able to do this in a number of different coloured translucent plastics as well.


Salt Genie offers added benefits to traditional Salt Shakers and Salt Cellar product. Salt Genie is a new way to season your food and does not clog in humid and damp environments. Whether you are a Hotel group, Restaurant, Group with canteen facilities, local government department, School, Prison, Armed Forces, etc our product is packaged simply and can be easily branded up to promote your brand, volume dependent.

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